Thursday, 6 June 2013

Day 35 The Final Day Geraldton to Fremantle 446 KM's

An uneventful day as we took off from Geraldton for the final leg of our epic journey around Australia... A lot of mixed emotions as we rode the final section down the Leech highway into Fremantle.. 

One last hitch there are road works right in front of the Fremantle Chamber so we had to ride on the pavement to the front door where Yvonne was there to meet us... 

Hugs and kiss all round... John and I had our arms around each other in a final embrace for a job well done...  It is going to take a few weeks for this trip to dawn on us... It's good to be home but there is a touch of sadness that its over.... Only memories.

We rode 16,193kms and raised over $22,000 for the cancer council... We met some wonderful people along the way..and both us are better for the experience..


Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Day 34 Carnarvon to Geraldton 479 KM's

Day 34 started off with breakfast and a flat front tyre on Johns bike, so off to find a tyre store... The first one was hopeless, they directed us to Beaurepairs where a nice young bloke took care of the bike by installing another plug which was a permanent fix.... And they did not charge John... Great service, great attitude from Beaurepairs in Carnarvon. The scenery was flat with nothing but scrub and goats for many KM's ... We did see some patches of great scenery.... We passed the turn off to Shark Bay national park which looks awesome ... Maybe next time!! 

An easy ride into Northampton (40km) outside Geraldton where we stop for lunch... Soup plus a cheese toastie and a double shot coffee for $10.  Awesome value compare to the $11.50 bacon and egg sandwich from yesterday...

We headed off on the last stretch to Geraldton...check in at the information centre and got a room at the Ocean Centre Hotel... On arriving at the hotel the girls on reception where impress with our endeavours so they upgraded us to a king with a spa and a free drinks voucher...and an ocean view. Awesome way to end the last night on the road... And it only 4:00pm??

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Day 33 Karratha to Carnarvon 640 KM's

After a good nights sleep we had breakfast, fuelled and started the journey to Carnarvon feeling much better and ready to tackle the ride.... Until John got a puncture which I did not realise for 5 KM's , daydreaming I did not realise we was not behind me... Turn around and headed back to see what was the delay... I though he must of hit an eagle..(as there where plenty about today)... I could see John in the distance doing something with the front wheel... he was in fact putting a plug into the front tyre. I pump it up with a small pump ( see pic) and we headed off... The only other highlight of the day was the road house that charge $11.50 for a bacon and egg toastie and $4.95 for a cup of tea.

Arrived in Carnarvon around 3:30 and found a nice 2 bedroom apartment close to the pub and the water... 

Day 32 Broome to Karratha 850 KM's (big day)

Apologise to everyone reading the blog for the slow update but there are reasons which you will read below...

The day started with breakfast and after saying our good byes to the girls we headed off to Karratha... First mistake of the day I did not top up with fuel and realised to late that the next stop was 300kms I ran out of fuel 20 KM's short.... John headed off with the fuel cell to get fuel and return ... It took about 1 hr... I waited at the side of the road in the rain.... Total stuff up. We pushed onto Port Headland in the rain, 50 KM's this side and the other side of Port Hedland was a nightmare with convoys of road trains, road works and rain... We did not take on fuel ... Mistake number two of the day... The weather cleared and we where making good time until we came into a one horse town looking for fuel... The service station was locked.... Panic set in...will we have to camp !!! In the rain  and cold... A local motorist suggested we travel another 15 KM's out of town (different road) to find a service station, she assured us it will be open .... Guess what it was not... At this point we agreed we where in the shit.... What we did not realise is that is was a 24hr credit card servo.... Should have read the sign... Anyway we topped up and headed for Karratha,  by this time it was getting dark , we booked into a reasonable hotel and jump into the shower (separately of course) by this time it was 6:30... time for a beer and dinner before "The Voice".  We settled in on the queen bed at a respectable distance apart to watch "The Voice".... What a day. Hence no time to update the blog and not many pictures.

Pics from Broome

A selection of pics from the 4 days of rest and relaxation in Broome.

Accommodation at the Bali Hai was good... It was a great time to catch up on some reading, and rest our backsides..

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Day 28 Fitzroy Crossing to Broome 400 KM's

Day 28 started with packing up the tents and heading to the roadhouse for breakfast... John was still having trouble with his tent with condensation which meant the tent and sleeping bag where wet.. I did not sleep as well as I would have liked..

The ride to Broome was boring with long straights and nothing so see ... Stop once for fuel .

Arrived in Broome around lunch time for 4 days of rest before we head to Karratha on Monday..

No more updated until we are back on the road...